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MTUG brings together Motorola Solutions and the Public Safety and Public Service agencies that use Motorola radio systems to promote the development and sustainability of Motorola products, services, and processes and to access training and education for the mutual benefit of all.

As a member, you have the exclusive opportunity to test beta products and give input on new feature developments, all while gaining access to Motorola’s product roadmap. You will be part of the team creating new industry standards, receiving in-depth training on products and services, plus get exclusive access to annual Motorola Round Tables.



MTUG National Meeting is an annual meeting that brings together all MTUG members, executives, technical committees, and Motorola product experts and executives. This free meeting provides an opportunity for all members to receive product updates, give input on products via Voice of Customer sessions, network with current members and Motorola representatives, and receive training during exclusive breakout sessions. All registered MTUG members are eligible to attend. The MTUG National Meeting is scheduled usually following the APCO International conference.


MTUG Chapter Presidents Meeting is an annual meeting that brings together the MTUG Executive Committee and Chapter Presidents to discuss Motorola product updates, network with Motorola representatives, and provide valuable feedback to help improve the Motorola-customer relationship. To attend this meeting you must be a member of the Executive Committee, a Chapter President, Technical Committee Chair or Regional Director. This is also an opportunity to network with other Chapter Presidents and help in making the most of local meetings, provide resources, etc.


Local Chapter MTUG meetings are coordinated by the Chapter President. Meetings may be in-person, via telephone or video conference, or via Skype or other means where participants can see and hear one another. This meeting is to allow members to network and discuss updates within their current region/chapter.

Along with the Chapter President, the Motorola Champion of the region is in attendance and provides input for the agenda of the meeting. The Motorola Champion will also coordinate the attendance of Motorola Product experts to provide updates on requested products.